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fREW's Journal

The rantings of a madman.

Gundog Malone
14 December
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Before I get into any of the other stuff, I have to mention that first off I am a Christian. You may have presuppositions about Christians; maybe good, maybe bad. But I am one all the same. I also need to mention that I am as temporal as anyone else and this about section will be out of date pretty soon.

I am fREW. I have a super-human form called fREWmbot. fREWmbot is the combination of sheer terror and impending doom. fREW is a dual recursive acronym.

fREW is an acronym for fROOH Represents Encephelon Welkin; and fROOH is an acronym for fRUE: Robotic Ominous Ossified Herald; and fRUE is an acronym for fRIOUX's Rectitude is Underpinned by Equivalence; and fRIOUX is an acronym for fiSMBoC RESEARCHes IMAGINATIVE ORGANIC UNIFICATIONS like XUOIRf; and fiSMBoC is an acronym for fREW is Station's Most Bodacious Creation; and RESEARCH is an acronym for Robots Eagerly Sailing Epic Artificial Rhythmic Cyclical Homonyms; and IMAGINATIVE is an acronym for Insane Mimicries of Amazingly Gorgeous, Incomplete Networks, Axiomatic Theorems, and Immortally Vivacious Ecstasy; and ORGANIC is an acronym for Original Renditions of Genetic Art Naturally Increasing in Complexity; and UNIFICATIONS is an acronym for Unions Normally Identified From Initial Characters; Aesthetically Tailored to Infer Other Notions Subconsciously.

I am a huge fan of music, especially progressive stuff. I am also very interested in Artificial Intellegence and how the mind works. I love math and physics and chemistry. I also like to dance, both ballroom and...that other kind? My favorite things to read are classics and to a lesser extent fantasy. I am not a liberal (and often can't stand them) and I am not a conservative (but if I must choose this is usually the choice I make, I don't like either extreme.)